Content type

The JRNI API uses the JSON format. Use application/json for the Content-Type header in POST and PUT requests. Use application/json in the Accept header of requests.


The JRNI API is a hypermedia REST API. By including links in the API response, clients can discover related resources. More information can be found on this REST API Tutorial or in a good book on REST.

Hypertext Application Language (HAL) is used as the default format for the responses. It’s a relatively simple format but allows us to benefit from hyperlinks without too much overhead. While the links in the responses can be ignored it’s advisable to use them in your projects to help decouple the implementation from some of the specifics of the API.


Most of the JRNI API endpoints that return collections have parameters that enable control of the pagination of the response. The per_page param sets the number of items that will be returned while the page param enables skipping to a particular set of results. There will be next and back links in the response to indicate how the paged results can be navigated. There is also a total_entries attribute so that the total number of items can be established without paging through all the results.